The New Architecture of Bashkir Women Headscarf: WOS SS22 from Moscow

Vésma Kontere McQuillan/ WOS Press Office
October 11, 2021
The Summer 2022 collection is an anniversary one for the WOS brand - ten years ago the brand's history began with the Summer 2012 collection. Location of the show: Moscow, Place: Tverskoy District, Site: All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied, and Folk Art. The All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied, and Folk Art is the only museum in the country to gather in its funds the works of the Russian decorative, applied, and folk art of the XVIII-XX centuries.
Key message
The new collection vastly repeats the codes of the collections of different seasons from the beginning of the brand’s life - there are dressing gowns, slip dresses, pajama suits, of a classic cut for the brand, as well as modified while exploring the Bashkir culture.
The collection contains vivid references both to the traditional arts and crafts from the collection of the Ufa Museum of Archeology and Ethnography and the outfits of Bashkir pop stars of the early 2000s, with glitter, lurex, fringe, sequins.
The Bashir headscarf is an important theme of the collection. Andrey Artyomov's collection is storytelling of Bashkir women who wore a headscarf without folding it to a corner, like Russian, but in a rectangle, and this constructive line goes from the hoods of cropped trench coats and fragments of scarves that seem to fall on clothes to a square armhole and gusset. A fragment of a scarf, the way it fell in a square over the figure, forming waves and folds, is used in dresses and gives them a ballroom silhouette.


It took a long time to create one of the prints in the collection; Andrey Artyomov photographed parts of it at the Ufa Museum of Archeology and Ethnography on his phone - this is a photo of fabrics found in excavations at the beginning of the 20th century, which was fragmentarily preserved. After that the brand's designers collected them in one print, using the colors of the national Bashkir shawls.

The second print consists of “watercolor” flowers, redrawn from national aprons and scarves. The basis for the print is cotton covered with a silvery layer, so the pattern is shimmering, acquires a three-dimensional effect and the silhouettes of the dresses become more complex and interesting.

The Coat of Arms of Ufa

The collection includes a cap with the original coat of arms of Ufa with a picture of a marten on a white fabric.


The main colors of the collection: lilac, white, gray, blue, brown, violet - the palette is taken from the national Bashkir shawl, decomposed into colors.


Collection fabrics: organic cotton, silk, linen, sequins, traditional for the brand, fabrics with lurex, for the first time laser cutting is used on the fabric in the form of the Bashkir kurai ornament on the edge of the items.

Images: Courtesy of WOS


Creative Director: Artyomov Andrey

Art Director: Santos Nicolas

Styling: Vashenyak Svetlana
Video: Abdeeva Christina, Watch here
Photography (Lookbook) : Popova Maria
Music: Original Sound by Lehler
Model: Asia ( Direct Scouting)
Casting: Chistyakova Karina

About WOS/ Andrey Artyomov

Since its launch in 2011, WOS established itself as favorite IT-girls’ brand. With celebrities from Tokyo to New York wearing it in theirday-to-day life as well as at red carpet events, WOS is one of the most well-known and attention-catching Russian brands. Playful yet strong design and premium quality is what makes WOS pieces recognizable. Every season WOS brings out its iconic pieces such as slip dresses, trench coats, sequins items and classic t-shirts in new interpretations as well as a lot of other pieces inspired by social references, pop culture, art, nature and many more. Today WOS works with more than 200 finest retail partners worldwide.The main person behind WOS is Andrey Artyomov who founded the Moscow-based brand and is currently its Creative Director.

Born and raised in Ufa, Russia, Andrey studied costume design there. Due to his successful participation in the design contest Andrey was able to get an internship at L’Officiel Russia where he grew to Fashion Director. Through the years he worked asFashion Director at several world-wide famous media companies and as a freelance stylist collaborating with most influential people in the fashion industry until creating his very first collection. Andrey’s favorite things in his past – from soviet upbringing to glamourous Moscow nightlife in early 2000s – are now loudly represented in his work to this day.



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