A site where architecture, design and social media meet fashion.

is a webzine that explores a new typology of spaces emerging in the cross-section where architecture, fashion, and design meet contemporary visual media platforms, such as Instagram. The webzine is building on the foundations of, amongst other, architectural thinking, architectural communication, brand communication, and visual social media. It uses prior knowledge to explore design processes and working methods and examines how they are linked with strategies emerging in the new visual media space.

NOFILTER. SPACE is the digital site of the Typ-0.Lab at Kristiania University College in interaction with external collaborators. The webzine is comprised of academic articles, student and alumni projects, and reportages.

ISSN 2703-8343


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Lene Johansen
Graphic Editor/ Photographer
Silje Kvam
Assistant Editor

Executive publisher

Arne H. Krumsvik
President of Kristiania University College


Christine Kalvik
Retail Designer
Ubachi Thorsen Nwosu
Retail Design Student
Jocelyne Rashidi
Retail Design Student
Nicoline Lynche
Retail Design Student
Stine Hem Horn
Niel Eche
Artist, Web developer, Musician and DJ
Daniel Jørgensen
Retail Designer
Ida Steffensen
Retail Designer


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2020 Supported by Educational Development Fund of Kristiania University College
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