Summer Postcard from Home

Anne Thuesen Broeng
March 2, 2021
A short film – the official selection of Fashion Film Festival Milano 2020/2021 and Fashion Film Festival Bucharest 2020.
Key message
During the first global lockdown, three different creative professionals within the fashion and interior design industry, from Italy, Argentina, and Denmark, joined forces through social media to create an animated short film.
In a world where uncertainty and a ‘new normal’ are continually changing, the film explores the connection between escapism and physical destinations and spaces’ digitalisation. The subject of the short film is our conception of a dream destination, exploring the thoughts and memories of individuals from all over the world, dreaming of a vacation within a pandemic.
Digital escapism has become both an essential inspiration and a motivator for the fashion and interior design industries, as the reaction to the reality that takes place in continuous isolation. It was often called ‘Internet Disorder Syndrome’, and was regarded as a psychological disorder in the pre-pandemic time. Today it gives brands and digital artists a new opportunity to create fun and uplifting imaginary photos and films to inspire. The most important thing is that digital escapism is a new channel for branding and designing spaces within the retail industry.


The short film can be found at Vimeo.

SUMMER POSTCARD FROM HOME gives you the feeling of escaping from the pandemic. For two minutes, you enter a vacation villa in the south of France, your private hideaway. You find safety and tranquillity in a sort of digital heaven during a time of global panic and unpredictability. The home’s idyllic post-modernistic interior is filled with personal objects, art and crafts that dance and conjure up childhood memories, reminiscent of summer and joyfulness. The nostalgic daydreams are a comforting and heartening reminder that, even when faced with uncertainty, it is possible to find solace and peace of mind.


The inspiration for the movie comes from French architecture, Mediterranean architecture, and interior style. One of the architectural inspirations is from ‘Grotto’, at the design parade in Toulon:“A place apart, where you can read, write and reflect away from the tumult of the outside world”, by the French studio Haddou & Dufourcq. The interior design is inspired by the different designers, the French sculptor Jean Arp, and the painters Matisse and Monet, but also current artist such as furniture designer Léa Mestress and interior designer and 3D artist Charlotte Taylor. They add a source of playful and colourful post-modern inspiration combined with the romantic and historical French style.


They all met through Instagram. Art Director Simone Lorusso found Anna, and wanted to collaborate on the movie. Together they found the Argentinian 3D animation artist Mercedes Luna Larrahona, who could animate the movie. Simone delivered a brief about the idea for the film, and Anna started to develop a concept for the movie.

The creatives held severalZoom meetings until all were agreed on the concept and general idea. Mercedes and Anna spent about 6 weeks creating everything, both working synchronously from different time zones. Anna would prepare the 3D models, find the interiors, materials, etc., and Mercedes would add Anna’s materials and scenes, and create the animation. Simone would always give feedback after completing a part of the villa. In the end, they had more than thirty people participating in the project from ten different parts of the world, including China, Spain, England, Portugal, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway and Argentina.

Audio, music and subtitles

In the movie, you hear the voices of individuals from Spain, England, China, France, Italy and Portugal. All voices were recorded on phones, directly from their homes in isolation, and sent to the sound editor. The music is composed by Italian sound designer Giogio Berti. Video editing and subtitles are by Simone Lorusso.



After submitting SUMMER POSTCARD FROM HOME to the different fashion film festivals, the film was chosen for the official selection of both Fashion Film Festival Milano 2020/2021 and Fashion Film Festival Bucharest 2020.


Grotto, bystudio Haddou & Dufourcq, 2018


Art Director: Simone Lorusso

3D Artist & Interior Designer: Anna Thuesen Broeng

3D Visualisator & Animator: Mercedes Luna Larrahona

Sound Designer: Giorgio Berti

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