Where to lunch during Paris Fashion Week? Le 39V is the answer!

by Vésma Kontere McQuilan
January 27, 2023
Le 39V is a restaurant on the 6th floor of a Haussmann building on Avenue George V with views of the Paris rooftops. Frédéric Vardon, the restaurant's Michelin-starred chef, creates signature dishes by combining seasonal ingredients and French classical techniques with his own innovative approach.
"Share experiences, make people happy, surprise and dazzle them. Celebrate nature and the people that work with it in the dishes." - Frédéric Vardon wants everyone to feel at ease here, so he gives his visitors a warm and genuine welcome.
Le 39V provides an immersive lunch experience with its incredible view, architecture, interior design, graphic design, innovative cooking, and global identity. "I want an easy-going and friendly "landlord" vibe that's all about creating bonds," says Frédéric Vardon.
During Paris Fashion Week, designers and industry professionals frequently gather for lunch events to network and discuss the latest collections and trends in the fashion industry. These events, which are frequently held in prestigious locations, may feature a combination of high-end cuisine and luxury branding. My friends Patrick and I had the pleasure to such at Le 39V during Paris FW23 Menswear.

Manifesto of Le 39V

“Share experiences, make peoplehappy, surprise and dazzle them.Celebrate nature and the people thatwork with it in the dishes. Be whiskedaway by the regions and drawinspiration from expert artisans whohave so much respect for the product.Keep the love between mankind andnature alive. Concoct and communicate.A recipe is just a pretext, the product is what really matters and what makesthe flavour that people remember. I cook with humanity.” Frédéric Vardon.

Architecture and Ambience

Originally designed by Naço Architectures in 2010, Le 39V reopened in October 2021 with a fresh  look, given it by a designer Raphaël Navot,  that is  true to its culinary identity, heritage, and values. The restaurant is centered on the courtyard. Its sliding window walls open to a rooftop hanging garden with a floating 100-year-old olive tree; the Eiffel Tower watche oversees  over the restaurant from the side.

The Chef

Frédéric Vardon was born in Flers, the son of butchers/caterers. When he was younger, he'd climb into his father's small van at dawn on Wednesday mornings and drive to the Paris and Rungis markets. He spent his vacations in the fields between Vire and Tinchebray, at his grandparents' farm, drawing water from the well. His upbringing shaped his palate and instilled in him a love of hard work.
He knew he'd never be a butcher or farmer; he'd be a chef, but he'd never forget his roots. He studied under Jean-Pierre Morot-Gaudry and Alain Dutournier in Paris before joining Alain Chapel's team in Mionnay.

The Lunch Menu

The chefs at Le 39V are dedicated to eco-friendly cooking in order to benefit both the environment and the diner. The lunch menu includes both 2-course and 3-course meals, as well as à la carte options. Here is the complete menu: Le 39V Lunch Menu
Personally, I recommend Le 39V's Mont- Blanc glazed chestnuts, meringue, and Whisky: the best Mont- Blanc I've ever had!

Patrick Scallon and Vésma Kontere McQuilan shot the photos.