JIL SANDER SS2022: When the Lights and Sounds Around Us Are Soft

by Silje Kvam/ JIL SANDER Press Office
September 27, 2021
With spirituality at the core, JIL SANDER's SS22 Women’s collection adresses the importance of staying balanced within oneself and the surrounding space in a steady, yet mesmerizing way. Using pastels to compliment layers of textures makes room for thrilling contrasting, opaque elements.
Clearity is of importance. To be content we need the lights and sounds around us to be soft. On the hunt for peace we should embrace our power and sensitivity, and use them mindfully.
Lucie and Luke Meier recognise the diversity that lives inside all of us, and every part of it is aimed to be celebrated. There is no black or white; but rather both floating on a spectrum. Our imperfections will be valued and recognised as the beauty it accentuates upon us.
JIL SANDER's collection is centered around readjusting our outlook on life and taking a mindful approach to the world. Having easygoing surroundings can help keep us focused and relaxed. Different textured fabrics are combined with a stirring approach, and soft pastels with darker colours encapsulate the very essence of the collection; to embrace every contrasting part of our beings. Big woollen coats, metal details and patterned graphics create a playful juxtaposition, which compliments our inner sensitivity with the force we all possess.

Textured Fabrics

Subtle and powerful are keywords that capture the principle of the designers’ use of material in this collection. With different textured fabrics in each look, the balance is persuasive and intricate. The treatment of natural textiles creates a stimulating combination of textures, which accents the silhuettes and emphasizes divergence. Sleek and feminine trousers are paired with squared, masculine jackets and coats, touching on the subject of playfulness and contrast.

Soft Pastel Colours

A pastel palette heavily influences the collection, merged with contrasting dark colours, that strategically highlight juxtaposition. Pale peach, light green, cream and white communicate softness and fill the room with relaxing energy and peace. These calm colours are worn with double face Italian wool jackets and rich foulard collars, symbolising the powerful sensitivity within. Cotton and chenille are crocheted together in different, contrasting vivid colours giving a padded, spongy look to rectangular long dresses.

Graphic Details

Our youthfulness is awakened by the use of prints. Tiger patterns, big hand-painted stripes, paisleys, as well as the use of knitwear and sequins flatter the colour palette and give a delicate edge to the look.

Shoes, Bags and Jewelry

Boots and elegant, open slipshoes; mainly in black and white, give the looks a clean and sophisticated touch. Metal details on the shoes add another level to the outfits,- and matched with geometric jewelry and accessories, the looks come full circle. Cylindrical Cannolo Bags in white, deep burgundy, caramel, and black effortlessly accentuate the softness of the pastel clothing in a tasteful manner, with wide leather straps as an accent.

Images: Courtesy of JIL SANDER

Collages by Silje Kvam