Exhibition System Mellom/ Between by Anne Torine Birkeland

July 23, 2022
This is the first bachelor's project to be realised within the confinement of the practice/research model of Kristinia University College’s Typ-0. Lab, which seeks to redefine boundaries between education, research, and practice.
Its objective is to explore how reuse and upcycling can be used strategically in spatial and furniture designs to achieve a timeless perspective in pursuit of the modern ephemeral spaces.
Mellom | Between clearly illustrates how exhibition design can become epiphenomena itself by exploring emerging spaces in the cross-section where the physical manifestations of fashion and interior architecture meet contemporary digital media platforms and community needs
The conceptualisation and realisation of this project draw upon transdisciplinary knowledge from museum studies, exhibition making, fashion curation, visual merchandising, and retail design. It is inspired by fashion shows and magazines, and guided by the lived experiences of seasoned professionals from the fashion and design industries.

This project is supervised by professor Vésma Kontere McQuillan, and is a part of the research project "Fashion Spaces of Fashion Research" (Cristin-project-ID: 2515798;") in collaboration between Typ-0. Lab, Kristiania University College and International Library of Fashion Research (ILFR), the world's first specialised fashion library with extensive programming, which opened digitally in October 2020 and is now preparing for its physical opening as part of the National Museum premises by Fall 2022.