Summer Nights by the Sea in Denmark: Cecilie Bahnsen SS2021

Vésma Kontere McQuillan/ Cecilie Bahnsen Press Office
March 1, 2021
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With her moody and sensuous Spring Summer 2021 collection, Cecilie Bahnsen sends her women on a journey inspired by nature, unity, and hope.
A new fabric discovery this season is the sequin embroidery made in Switzerland. The unique machine embroidery is airy, light and the beautiful 3D texture moves and flickers in the wind. Cecilie is known for bringing the traditions and exquisite fabrics of haute couture to her modern Danish sensibility. All novelty fabrics are designed in-house and made in Europe. The label is also using recycled fabrics, such as this season’s cashmere knit and faille.
"I was thinking too about summer nights by the sea in Denmark, the moon rising and the liquid blue ocean. There’s a painting by P. S. Krøyer of two women walking on the beach of Skagen at the top of Jutland. They are in beautiful white dresses but there’s a feeling of melancholy too – I think the collection has that melancholy, in the black and white.” - Cecilie Bahnsen

A Symbolic Wandered

"This season I had an image in my mind of a woman on a journey across a landscape - a symbolic wanderer. The idea came from three very different references. There is a series of beautiful black and white photography by Hashimoto Shoko from the 1970s of a group of Goze. They were blind women musicians who travelled from town to town in Japan, playing their music. The three women in his photos really inspired me. Then I was also looking at James Turrell’s installations, that glow and otherworldly feeling, which I really wanted to bring into the colours this season, the electric pink and glaring green." - Cecilie Bahnsen

Organza Overlays

The unique machine embroidery is airy, light and the beautiful 3D texture moves and flickers in the wind. In the studio, Cecilie and her team have created floral embroidered organza overlays. The simple silhouettes contrast the beautiful hand-stitched detailing and the shimmering flower beads seem to dance in the light as the fabric moves. The light organza overlays are worn over the dresses, tailoring and sculptural outerwear making them a key to this season’s styling of the collection.

New Silhouettes and Details

Cecilie subtly expands the vocabulary of her brand with new silhouettes and details. A re-working of her signature open-back dress with a circular cut-out tied on each side of the back with a bow. A new off-the-shoulder balloon shape statement sleeve - sculptural and light, romantic yet relaxed. The feminine silhouettes are styled over transparent ribbed knitwear and masculine tailoring, allowing Cecilie to play with layering as she created the look for Spring Summer 2021. Cecilie continues to refine her approach to tailoring – precise yet relaxed – with a series of organza suit jackets layered under and over dresses.

Collaboration with Mackintosh

For the tailored and sculptural outerwear, Cecilie has made her second collaboration withMackintosh. She brings absolutely exquisite detailing to the British heritage company’s bonded rubber rain mac. The collaboration is made of three key outerwear silhouettes, which include the iconic Mackintosh trench re-interpreted with a trapeze silhouette and balloon sleeves.


Cecilie has also created a shoe, a modern minimal slipper in a fabric made from wasteplastic, in collaboration with her friends at the Spanish brand Hereu.

Images Courtesy of Cecilie Bahnsen/ Words Cecilie Bahnsen press release