New Classic of KOCHÉ at the Shangri-La Palace in Paris, SS22 Collection

by Silje Kvam/ KOCHÉ Press Office
December 17, 2021
KOCHÉ introduces a new aesthetic as they shed light on the magic of the hands of their artisans. Enhanced by the picturesque Shangri-La Palace in the heart of Paris, this stunning collection shows true appreciation of the craftspeople behind it.
Diversity in fashion is highly valued and celebrated persistently. KOCHÉ welcomes everyone, see the less visible, and with this collection they bring forward the work done behind the scenes. Their ateliers are busy with artists who put love into their handwork every day. And the SS2022 collection honours that.
Complex details in the majestic interior of the site, thoroughly elevate our awareness of the beautiful fashion pieces, as the models carry them with pride. The fashion show creates a romantic, almost royal atmosphere, helping the brand promote their message of gratitude.
For their SS2022 collection, KOCHÉ introduces their “New Classic” aesthetic. They go into their DNA and make handwork the attention point of their collection. The spectacular garments have come to life by the magic of their artisans’ hands. The fashion show takes place in Paris, at the remarkable Shangri-La palace. And this luxurious scenery communicates effortlessly and dynamically with the collection. Thanks to the handwork of talented artists, the two blend into outstanding magic in the metaspace of the fashion show.

Redefining KOCHÉ with the “New Classic” Aesthetic

Christelle Kocher focuses on handwork, calling it the reason why a garment becomes exceptional. Bringing forward the reinterpreted crafts behind the final products, is something that has always been an emphasis in KOCHÉ’s collections. But with the “New Classic” aesthetic, the artisans are brought into the light. The human touch is magical, according to Kocher. When craftspeople sew, drape, embellish, or retouch a garment, there is a special and beautiful form of art taking place. Kocher has created this collection, to really put an emphasis on the intricacy that happens behind the doors of KOCHÉ’s ateliers.



Paris: The Shangri-La Palace

To match the intricate work on details and embellishments in the collection, Kocher selected a very special location for the fashion show. The elegant architecture in the Shangri-La palace accentuates the true craft behind the garments. The site’s impressive aesthetics match those of the collection. A magically romantic atmosphere – characterised by the majestic backdrop of the hotel, combined with KOCHÉ’s sophisticated outfits – is created throughout the duration of the fashion show. This metaspace becomes a display of love for the work of the artisans, who put their souls into creating exceptionally elaborate fashion pieces.



Glamorous Fashion

There is a feel of femininity throughout the collection, enhanced by couture silk, organza and paillettes in the fashion pieces. The 1930’s glamour has inspired the figures in the collection – but, an interesting and more modern feature, is the KOCHÉ monogram that appears on the attire. It is created through a manual technique of bomb spray paint for fabric. To a varying degree, this is a recurring graphical detail on the garments in the collection. The handcrafting, otherwise, is prominent in details such as an architectural shoulder. Moreover, fine embroideries underline the gentle details in the crafts, while accentuating the pastel colour palette.The soft colours also contribute to the romantic vibe of femininity within the collection.




For a collection that touches on the subject of femininity, KOCHÉ comes full circle by including a quote by Virginia Woolf in their press release, – “how can we combine the old words in new orders so that they survive, so that they create beauty, so that they tell the truth? That is the question.” To answer this KOCHÉ has collaborated with TINDER. They believe that this collaboration integrates tailoring with pop and love culture. And by incorporating styles and people, they will fashion something astonishing and beautiful. It is a celebration of diversity and inclusiveness.




The French fashion brand KOCHÉ was founded by Central Saint Martin-graduate, and artistic director Christelle Kocher, in2015. The brand fosters strong values regarding inclusivity and diversity in fashion. They have continually stood behind these principles through their collections, by promoting a rich variety of body types, genders, and different roots – counting both the social and geographical kinds. At the very core of KOCHÉ’s identity lies expert levels of crafting skills. For Emilio Pucci’s FW2020 collection, Christelle Kocher acted as their special Guest Designer. In addition, she has previously worked for Bottega Veneta, Dries Van Noten, Chloé and Martine Sitbon. Today she manages KOCHÉ, while also working as the artistic Director of Maison Lemarié, Chanel Métier d’Art. KOCHÉ won the ANDAM Grand Prize, in 2019.


Images: Courtesy of KOCHÉ

Collages by Silje Kvam