MM6 MAISON MARGIELA SS2022: Chess Boards as a Surreal Touch on the Everyday Life

by Silje Kvam/ MM6 Maison Margiela Press Office
September 27, 2021
MM6 Maison Margiela takes a surreal approach in their SS2022 collection about celebrating life. They use everyday items to make a clothing collection to celebrate the small things in life. MM6's use of chess board prints as the main graphic makes room for mind-blowing experimenting with assorted fabrics and materials.
MM6 Maison Margiela welcomes us to a celebration of normalness and the return of the city life. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and smiling back at a friendly face is something we all could benefit from. Spontaneity and a drizzle of wildness can spice up your day and attract conversation with anyone in your path.
Cherishing the familiar, while enjoying living on the edge and making alternative choices, adds a bit of spice to what you might consider ordinary in your life. Having light-hearted fun, while catching up with loved ones is enjoyable in the moment. But it is these small things that turn out to be the big ones in the end.
This party is inspired by historical surreal artists, and the theme is imprinted into the looks throughout the collection. Chess board-printed clothing and an excessive use of gloves is the main course, while a startling mix of fabrics is the dessert. Pearls and teabags are the free drinks you get gifted from the kind stranger across the restaurant. MM6 Maison Margiela introduces items picked up at a garden party and on-the-spot transform them into wearable pieces of clothing.

Chess Board Graphics

The classical game of chess is a board game that can be found in millions of homes across the globe, and it is an important entertainment element at any garden party. In this collection, checkered patterns are part of every look; easily recognisable on both jackets, trousers, scarves and gloves. Some outfits use the checkered pattern more prominently than others, and worth mentioning is the use of a real chess board as the whole of the upper part of an outfit. There is a nice balance between coloured fabrics and prints, and the colour white is combined with both red, pine green and black. Also inspired by the typical household is the yellow opera gloves, similar to yellow rubber gloves used for dishes.

Rebellious Use of Traditional Accessories

Inspiration for the collection comes from radical female artists such as Claude Cahun, Leonora Carrington and Dorothea Tanning, who all created surreal art. A surreal element of this collection is the extensive - bordering on overuse, of gloves and sleeves. As well as their traditional use being fulfilled, gloves and sleeves are also given another purpose as decorative belts and important design elements in the looks. Other elements deriving from the rebelliousness of the artists include details like the loose-fitted collars, lavender filled teabags turned into earrings, and their use of cut-open pearl chains. For their collaboration with Eastpak, they have also created travel items including shoulder bags, backpacks and wheeled luggage. All of these are inspired by existing pieces, but with their own rebellious twists.

Contradicting Fabrics and Materials

Mylar prints decorate formal suit jackets and rougher denim, while an entire outfit is produced from kraft paper. Leather jackets, silk, satin dresses and a hoodie all tell their own different story, but they come together in their shared quirkiness. And a cobnet as the main piece of clothing contributes to the next level of edginess in the collection.


Images Courtesy of MM6 Maison Margiela

Collages by Silje Kvam