Jocelyne’s Collages

by Ubachi Thorsen Nwosu/ Collages by Jocelyne Rashidi
April 27, 2021
A series of collages with pictures taken by Jocelyne Rashidi.
There are no right answers or restrictions when it comes to collages. They represent an open space for self-expression and creativity.
Rashidi wants to inspire others and to be inspired herself. Collages give her the opportunity to find different ways of using her creativity.
Jocelyne Rashidi is a retail design student at Kristiania University College in Oslo. She is also senior editor-in-training here for NoFilter.Space. One of her creative outlets is Instagram, and when looking at her Instagram and collages the audience sees the world through her lens.

A Version of Herself

Just like collages, Instagram is a space for self-expression, and Rashidi chooses to show a version of herself that she would like to show more often.

With Sight That is Clouded

The aesthetic of her Instagram is minimalistic and simple, and often features pictures edited with a dark and greyish filter. This is no coincidence, Rashidi actually has cataracts in her eyes. This means that her sight is clouded and that bright lights exert a great strain on her eyes. This is why she is drawn to dark filters and darker photo lighting.

For Women That Look Like Her

Rashidi often shares pictures of architecture, fashion and makeup, which are all elements featured in her collages. She also features images of herself. This is important to her as she wants to create space for women that look like her.

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