JIL SANDER SS2022 Men's Collection is about Cities

by Vésma Kontere McQuillan/ JIL SANDER Press Office
September 24, 2021
JIL SANDER SS2022 Men's Collection by Lucie and Luke Meier.
The attitude is freedom, the keywords autonomy, lightness and clarity. This is a sharp urban collection about the right, and duty, to individuality and imagination.
Lucie and Luke Meier always find new forms to balance opposites. The relationships between materials, colours, shapes and volumes are flawless.
The collection is about multicultural cities that lead us to appreciate and absorb diversity; to combine different things, different facets of ourselves, in ways that are unprecedented and effortless at the same time. JIL SANDER turns labor into play, blends day and night - and the other way around; offers to wear suits for leisure and utility garments to shine. At this level of interpretation and execution, eclectic is a both vision and a value. Tailoring and workwear unite and make sense. Everything is elevated.

Colours and Graphic Elements

The colour palette, between off-white and charcoal is uplifting and sensual: soft yellow, pale blue, mint milk, pink, lilac, light orange, sage, tobacco, and cocoa. An all-leather look is red: trousers and shirt.

Colour blocks knitted in different cotton, linen, silk, and wool yarns are balanced to compose precious, iconic knitwear. Graphic elements appear throughout the collection: a large diagonal white stripe crosses the front of a soft wool mélange shirt-jacket. Connections are sharp, detailed, textured, tactile. The conventional becomes unconventional: a wheat-pasted shop advert is turned into a pattern embroidered allover a field jacket and overall, or into individual artworks, unconventionally placed and exploded in scale. A reference to the city, to art, to the power of looking and finding beauty in the mundane. The inspiration is the street, a detail, disposable, the creation is rare and precious.

A Cheetah Print

Strong colours, large pockets, contrasting copper zippers, a cheetah print on a brushed wool pullover, scarves in fleecy pure silk, and jewels - silver necklaces, brooches, ear cuffs, and earrings - give all looks - and us- extra personality and an edge.

Japanese Wool Jackets and Coats

Lines, movement, and touch are equalised. Every look is unique. Japanese wool jackets, shirt-jackets and coats are straight and voluminous. Over-dyed cotton and linen flight suits, with removable sleeves, and comfortable utility trousers are worn under one-and-a-half breasted tailored overcoats.


A canvas and suede two-colour enlarged backpack, a squared tote bag in natural vegetable tanned leather, tactile and plump waist-bags, and supple leather totes with rivet joinery, are all both functional and luxurious, complementing the spirit of the collection and completing the silhouette.


Shoes are archetypical - army boots, desert boots and sneakers at their most essential, but ingeniously reconstructed. They strongly root the silhouette, accentuating the urban attitude and honesty of the collection.