Get dressed for Earth's funeral

by Nicoline M. Lyche
February 26, 2021
A clothing line that focuses on sustainable production and challenges the fashion industry to think “green”.
If we don’t change our habits and find new, more eco-friendly ways to print and dye fabric, our water will only become more polluted. The way we produce clothing today is not sustainable, nor is it ethically justifiable.
Instead of having all our problems shipped away by producing our clothes in Asia – polluting their water and threatening their natural environment – we are taking the production back, and will perhaps be more considerate when it is our nature that is at stake.
Isabel A. Sand Nwosu is a recent fashion design graduate from Kingston University, where she specialised in womenswear and prints. She is environmentally conscious, and thought that her final year collection would be a good way for her to express her concerns. Due to COVID-19, Nwosu had to come up with new innovative ways of showcasing her collection. She used this opportunity to make the project even more eco-friendly, by re-using calico and digital tools.


This collection is inspired by Victorian period funeral attire from the 19th century.

Printing Technique

The print was created by dripping acrylic ink into water. The idea of this method was to recreate a lake of toxic waste and oil spills. Nwosu used calico and toiles from her own home as material for the clothes. She then used a projector to showcase her print on the clothes, giving potential buyers an idea of the final product without the need to pollute. The point is to illustrate people’s final outfit, drenched in toxic waste – dressed for the Earth’s funeral.

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Photographer: Matt Stivenson

Designer and Model: Isabel A. Sand Nwosu

Interviewer: Ubachi Thorsen Nwosu