Entering Norwegian Summer with Spirituality and African High Fashion

by Ubachi Thorsen Nwosu/ Collages by Jocelyne Rashidi
May 28, 2021
To celebrate the summer, we chose Thebe Magugu FW21 Visual lookbook for Paris fashion week and the film “BANYOLOYI A BOSIGO.”
The collection explores the themes of African spirituality and our connections to our ancestors. The clothes make the wearer feel a personal connection as every individual will interpret the patterns and stories they tell differently.
The collection became a celebration of tradition and crafts from all over the world, as Magugu collaborated with a diverse set of textile and pattern makers.
There aren't that many afro-cultural references in fashion weeks; therefore, it’s essential to call attention to this collection. Thebe Magugu is a South African designer based in Johannesburg. Two years after graduating LISOF he started the brand named after himself. This FW21 collection is a standout as it highlights African tradition in such a bold light.


The collection is heavily inspired by traditional clothing, like draping and wrapping of fabrics. Magugu has done a modern take on the indigenous and created something new and memorable. 


Working with a variety of textile crafters, the collection assembles many textures and materials. From South African botanical transfers on merino wool to fabrics with raised surfaces that also have braille and reads “what you do for your ancestors, your children will do unto you.” The slight extra details put into the fabrics used for this collection make it so much more special and meaningful.

Spirituality by Thebe Magugu

“This season, I wanted to have a conversation with traditional healers, who have divinely been given powers to answer our most burning questions, and who act as a conduit between various realms, often by using objects of divination. It’s a very particular kind of strength, one that doesn’t show-off and relies heavily on the natural.” 

Images: Courtesy of Thebe Magugu