At the Frontier of Dream and Reality: Bluemarble Fall/ Winter 2021 Menswear Show

by Vésma Kontere McQuillan/ Bluemarble Press Office
January 21, 2021
Bluemarble Fall/Winter 2021
Memories of label founder Anthony ALVAREZ’s university years, and their formal balls with black tie dress codes, contrast with the American sportswear vibe, infusing the collection with a wave of elegance. In a paradox that is dear to Bluemarble the collection borrows from the codes of different subcultures, only to deconstruct and reinterpret them as seen through the brand’s libertarian filter.
The result is a collection built on a chromatic palette inspired by the Northern Lights that hovers between dream and reality. The matrix for Winter 2021, is baby blue and pale pink, also inspired by the heyday of Hip-Hop, completing a wardrobe fit for a dreamer.
Snow and black ice hit the East Coast of the US once or twice each year with their own special virulence, covering the region with a thick white coat. From this image, Anthony ALVAREZ created a band on the run, headed to Iceland, and resolutely determined not to stay behind to bear witness to their own confinement. Demiurge red herrings, an unexpected tale in which the ice palaces of a land rich with fantasy become venues for crazy psychedelic parties.

In a continuation of last summer’s vibe, bespoke hallucinogenic prints suggest a trippie get away, while a foray into flamboyant baroque prints underlines the striking allure of the Bluemarble boy. An exploration of fabrics, featuring heavy wools on varsity blazers, cable knit hybrids in a silky textural pairing, studded denim, shimmering silk finishes and feather-light winter fabrics - puffer jackets and fleece - wrap the whole collection in soft warmth to underscore the Bluemarble vibe this season: a giant leap into escapism, during these testing times.

Images Courtesy of Bluemarble/ Words Bluemarble Press Office

Collages by Christine Kalvik

Images Courtesy of Bluemarble/ Words Bluemarble Press Office Collages by Christine Kalvik