The digital fashion weeks allow us to enter the historic buildings worldwide: Antonio Grimaldi's Couture Collection SS2021 in the Acquario Romani, Rome.

by Vésma Kontere McQuillan/ Antonio Grimaldi Press Office
January 25, 2021
Antonio Grimaldi Couture Collection SS21
Antonio Grimaldi chooses Rome to digitally present the new Couture Collection SS 21 and, in particular, the Acquario Romano, a 19th-century building with marine environment decorations hosting the presentation of his new high fashion collection.
The Acquario Romano (Roman Aquarium) is used to communicate the idea of the collection as a journey into the fantastic world of the abysses of the sea, populated by mythological sirens who languish, seducing men who are in love, bewitching them and enchanting them: “First you will come to the Sirens, who enchant all who come near them” Homer. Odyssey XII, 39-46
The Acquario Romano (Roman Aquarium) is situated in Piazza Manfredo Fanti, Rome, Italy. The building was designed by Ettore Bernich and built between 1885 and 1887. The building hosted an aquarium for the first years and is decorated with the marine subject that inserted between the sculptures. It is the background for the collection: corals, anemones, and seahorses, as well as jellyfish and mysterious killer whales.

The Collection

The collection is characterized by asymmetrical cuts, sculptural lines in motion that became the stylistic hallmark of the Maison, is divided into 3 main outfits: pantsuits, kaftans and evening dresses.  The kaftans, inspired by Capri, an area identified in myths and history as the"island of the sirens", are characterized by asymmetrical cuts and double fabrics (chiffon on satin chain, otherwise known as"charmeuse", and crêpe cady mixed with gazar)

The embroideries are handmade with crystals and give a watery effect, recalling seaweed, stinging curls or coral designs.

The colors reflect the marine setting: from mother-of-pearl to black and abyssal blue, from aqua green toaquamarine, up to purple violet and lilac oyster that recall sea anemones

Images Courtesy of Antonio Grimaldi/ Words Antonio Grimaldi Press release.

Collage by Christine Kalvik