A Fashion Show in the Snow: MIU MIU FW21

by Ubachi Thorsen Nwosu/ MIU MIU Press Office/ Collages by Jocelyne Rashidi
March 10, 2021
Visual lookbook and The Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2021 film which is created with M/M (Paris) and cinematographer Benjamin Kracun.
A dream ‘Miu Miu Mountain Club’ is created, models exploring the landscape of Cortina d’Ampezzo -in the heart of Dolomites Alps-, captured on film in a difficult and brave undertaking. It is about escape, about dreaming – making fantasy a reality.
A unique vision that could only have been imagined before, a voyage through the mountains - a fashion show in the snow.
Outfits combine different intentions, different dreams and realities, to create different characters. Inside and outside, protective and seductive, - intentions are multiple, like the diverse identities found within each woman. And, in turn, each individual is attracted to liked-minded personas, the single becoming the collective. They form alliances, kinships. And they walk together.

The Brave Heart

Coming together, the Miu Miu women set out on a journey through the mountains:exploring the landscape, on a quest heading towards an unknown goal. Bravery in endeavour is reflected by courage in clothing - they are dressed for the extreme.

Collages by Jocelyne Rashidi

Sportswear Fuses with Fashion

In a pretence of practicality, the language of sportswear fuses with fashion. Using the vernacular of mountaineering dress, they make gestures to the landscape. Teddy-bear faux fur, padded layers and knit ski helmets and ski masks frame faces, suggesting warmth and safety, beautifying necessary means of protection for a hazardous terrain. Silk satin dresses and lace convey delicacy and intimacy. Outerwear, inner lives.

Juxtaposition of Fantasies

There are inherent tensions when these languages are combined - a dreamlike state, when the practical is romanced through exaggeration, when the fragile can be reinvented to become brave. The utilitarian can become beautiful and pleasurable; the decorative can suddenly have reason, new purpose. Padded sportswear borrows its satin and pastel colors from fantasies of lingerie, slip dresses are executed in heavy wools, studded with metal like imaginary armor - warrior lingerie. Strength and fragility, courage and aggression. The realities inside all our fantasies. Practical fantasies.

Images Courtesy of MIU MIU/ Words MIU MIU Press release