A dance at "The Red Room" of the Single Theatre in Antwerp on February 8th to 11th 2021: Dries Van Noten FW21

Vésma Kontere McQuillan/ Dries Van Noten Press Office
March 4, 2021
The film and photography of Casper Sejersen where the looks are shot in movement as a view on Dries van Noten FW2021 collection.
A dance between purity and passion, masculine and feminine, genders fused and embraced. A call to Passion. A moment in movement, abandon, exuberance, gesture, restraint, action, still, and internal thought. Emotion in motion, beating hearts and drums, Trip-hop realism and baroque excess. Stage and street.
A vision of feminine beauty that combines the passionate exaggerated women of Pedro Almodóvar and the stoic, graceful disruptive power of Pina Bausch.
A return to essence and Dries Van Noten’s design roots. A long white shirt dress is an updated take on that for his first collection in 1981 as a fashion student.

Filmed over Three Days During Lockdown

A troupe of 47 performers was convened combining performers from the predominant world-renowned contemporary dance companies of Belgium, namely Rosas and Ultima Vez, and a few from the Opéra National de Paris. Most participants are women, dancers with a few models, though a few men dancers complete the group, (notably choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui).

Filmed over three days during lockdown all quarantine restrictions were respected for the shoot. Most observed a seven-day quarantine to participate. Separate ‘bubbles’ were convened in order that performers could work together on screen. The project was welcomed by most dancers in this period of little opportunity to perform. Dancers became models’ and models became dancers. Dressing the human form of a dancer required another view on dressing.

Casper Sejersen

The Danish fashion, beauty and still life photographer Casper Sejersen is perhaps best known for his ‘orgasm portraits’ of the Nymphomaniac (2013) cast. His work on Lars Von Trier’s infamous film also included the book'Belongs to Joe' (published by MACK) – a collection of photographic essays in collaboration with art historian Cecilie Høgsbro. Casper subsequently shot Nymphomaniac’s Charlotte Gainsbourg for Self Service magazine. Casper made his directorial debut in directing an episode of the Danish television programme The Legacy. His first solo exhibition in London, 'One, Two, Three, Four' was at Cob Gallery in Spring 2019 and he also exhibited with Cob at Photo London 2019.

Photography by Casper Sejersen/ Words Dries Van Noten Press release

The Dancers and Models

Amar Akway - Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Choreographer at ROSAS) - Anne-Catherine Lacroix - Aymeline Valade - Borna Babic’ (Ultima Vez) - Cyrielle Lalande - Emiel Vandenberghe (Independent dancer) - Evelyn Nagy - Fabiana Ricardo - Frank Gizycki (Rosas) - Gala Moody (Independent dancer) - Iekeliene Stange - Inge Geurts - Jacob Storer (Rosas) - Jean Lemersre - Jonas Vandekerckhove (Independent dancer) - Kayako Higuchi - Kayoko Minami (Independent Dancer) - Kiran Gezels (Opera Ballet Vlaanderen) - Klara Boscic - LauraMaria Poletti (Rosas) - Leonie De Ripainsel (Independent dancer) - LetiziaGalloni (Opéra National de Paris) - Lynn Palm - Maggie Cheng - MariaCarla Boscono - Marie- Agnès Gillot (Opéra National deParis) - Maryel Uchida - Maty Fall - Maxime Boël (ArtEZ) - MisakoKato (Opera Ballet Vlaanderen) - Mohamed Toukabri (Independent dancer) - Morgan Lugo (Independent dancer) - Nicole Atieno - Nyarach Ayuel - Pol Van den Broek (Independent dancer) - Rachel Marx - RobHayden (Ultima Vez) - Sade Van Der Hoeven - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Choreographer EASTMAN) - Steffi Soede - Suzi de Givenchy - Suzie Bird - Tchi-Ann Liu (The Profiles) - Wim Vandekeybus (ChoreographerUltima Vez) - Yuika Hashimoto (Rosas) - Zanna Cornelis (Independent Dancer) - Zso Varju.